Jai Vasavi
Hearty congratulations for starting the very first new club for our district and also for becoming the second star club.
I am very happy to see your vanithas involvement where we could see their uniqueness and lot of efforts in arrangements. The 16 selvangal were nicely mentioned. Annamalaiyar and annamalaiyar were very nicely decorated. Vybhavam and sneham were well showcased. Vysya vrikksham was very well done with all the 102 gothras. Your MC was very good. Ooru Chetty and dharmakartha, rotary and all the associations work hand in hand which is the secret of success. You youngsters are involved and working together for our ammavaru temple kumbhabhishekam. The VIPs in your town are very generous and want kumbhabhishekam to happen wholeheartedly. Your installations were nest and nice. You have so much of high regard for immediate past governor vn. Manikandan sir and it is reciprocating in his speech and action. Your RC Manjula is a dedicated person and she is guiding you very well.¬† Ipc VN suresh sir and zc vn jayapal. I am extremely happy to have been a part of your Installation. I am overwhelmed with the affection shown by all of you. Thanks and God bless you all. Let’s have a rocking year.
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