We had installations of krishnagirii, vanitha krishnagiri and legendary couples krishnagiri on 22nd January 2018. what a day it was. The hospitality of RC, RS, Presidents and teams, IPC, DCO, welcomed us into krishnagiri with great warmth. We salute their hospitality.

First installation was krishnagiri and vanitha krishnagiri. Their welcome was unique and significant?. The SNEHAM Rangoli was very good. Previous PSTs have made the club proud with lot of innovative activities and are a great role model for the forthcoming teams. The projects they did on that day also we’re generous and magnanimous. I am sure presidents VN Ashok and Team will definitely go places.

The second installation was legendary couples which was very very unique.their warm welcome by the kids was so cute. Maatram was so significant in their décor was so innovative and thought provoking with wonderful positive phrases all around. Their sneham Rangoli and deepam decorations and also floral decor were beautiful. The legendary couples are real legends and are totally inspired lot. I am very happy to share that our emotions undiyal inspired the president, VN nandakumar and he brought in a undiyal for go Seva and service projects. I am sure it will be a grand success. Their culturals, the intros by the kids were unique. The MCs we’re fantastic. Overall it was fantastic. Kudos to krishnagiri

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