precabinet meeting minutesDate: 5th November 2017
Venue: Vaibhav, No: 5 Sampoorna Avenue, Vadapalani, Chennai

V502A 2018 Pre cabinet Meeting – Minutes

05th November 2017,
Venue – “Vaibhav”, Vadapalani, Chennai-26.

The Following Delegates were present for the Pre Cabinet Meeting

Sl. No. Name of the Person Posting
1. Vn. Silver Star KCGF Sujatha Ramesh Babu Governor -18
2. Vn. Silver Star KCGF Vallam Rajasekar Cabinet Secretary -18
3. Vn. Silver Star KCGF Sri Sathyanarayanan Cabinet Treasurer – 18
4. Vn. Golden Star KCGF A. C. Manikandan Immediate Past

5. Vn. Diamond Star KCGF Dr. M.V. Narayana Past District Governor

6. Vn. Silver Star KCGF Dr. R. Nagendran Past District Governor
7. Vn. Silver Star KCGF J. Sudhakaran Past District Governor
8. Vn. Silver Star KCGF Nama Sathish Kumar Past District Governor
9. Vn. Golden Star KCGF V.S. Senthil Kumar DG Admin
10. Vn. Silver Star KCGF P.S. Arvind Kumar DG Admin – Services
11. Vn. KCGF Rashmi Oleti DG PR
12. Vn. Silver Star KCGF M. Krishna Kumar DG Youth

13. Vn. Golden Star KCGF Ponnuru Venkata DG Program of the
Subbiah Year

14. Vn. 2* KCGF Oleti Sunil Kumar DG Gowsamrakshak &

15. Vn. Golden Star KCGF C.H. Venkateswara Rao DG Region 1
16. Vn. Silver Star KCGF G. Balaji DG Region 2
17. Vn. Silver Star KCGF Dr. G.J. Balaji Prasad DG Region 3
18. Vn. KCGF B. Devendiran DG Region 4
19. Vn. 2* KCGF S. Parthasarathy DG Region 5
20. Vn. 1* Couples Star KCGF T.P. Rajesh Kumar DG Region 6
21. Vn. A. KCGF Manjula DG Region 8
21. Vn. 3* KCGF T. Srinivasa Rao ZC1 R1
22. Vn. S. Krishna Kumar ZC2 R1
23. Vn. S. Amaranarayan ZC3 R1
24. Vn. Silver Star KCGF Avva Lakshmanaia Chetty ZC1 R2
25. Vn. KCGF C.M. Rajesh ZC2 R2
26. Vn. KCGF K.R. Purushotham ZC1 R3
27. Vn. KCGF Devi Kannan ZC2 R3

V502A 2018 Pre cabinet Meeting – Minutes

05th November 2017,
Venue – “Vaibhav”, Vadapalani, Chennai-26.

Sl. No. Name of the Person Posting
28. Vn. KCGF C. Savitha Satheesh ZC1 R5
29. Vn. KCGF R.S. Gayathri ZC2 R7
30. Vn. KCGF S. Raghavendra Gupta ZC3 R7
31. Vn. KCGF R. Jayapal ZC1 R8
32. Vn. P. Indumathi ZC2 R8
33. Vn. 2* KCGF S. Kiranmayie Joint Secretary
34. Vn. 3* KCGF Acha Anand Joint Secretary
35. Vn. KCGF G. Sarala Addl. Jt. Secretary
36. Vn. KCGF R. M. Rani Joint Treasurer
37. Vn. 2* KCGF P. Raga Priya Addl Jt. Treasurer

Master of Ceremony S. Kiranmayie started the meeting by inviting the Dignitaries to dais. Prayer was sung by all Vanithas. Governor – 18,Vn. Sujatha Ramesh Babu along with First Gentleman Ramesh Babu gave Welcome note.

Vn. Golden Star KCGF A.C. Manikandan Governor called the meeting to order.

The following points were discussed and finalized:

1. The appointment of Deputy Governors with portfolio were announced and Introduced to the gathering by Gov. – ‘18
2. The appointment of Deputy Governor, Region wise with clubs assigned to them were announced by Gov. – ‘18
3. The appointment of Zone Chairman, Zone wise with Clubs assigned to them were announced by Gov. – ‘18
4. The joint Secretaries and joint Treasurers were announced and Introduced to the gathering by Gov. – ‘18

5. It was unanimously decided that the Cabinet installation & 1st Micro Cabinet Meeting with 1st Cabinet Meet will be on 1st January 2018 at Hotel Palmgrove at Chennai.

6. OBTS will be hosted by Region 5 under the leadership of DG Vn 2* KCGF S. Parthasarathy, on 4th Feb 2018 at Vellore.

V502A 2018 Pre cabinet Meeting – Minutes

05th November 2017,
Venue – “Vaibhav”, Vadapalani, Chennai-26.

7. VALT is proposed to conduct on 24th and 25th Feb 2018 jointly with V501A, V502A, V503A at Chennai or Yelagiri Hills.

8. 2nd Cabinet Meeting will be hosted by Region 1, 2 & 3 at Chennai.

9. 3rd Cabinet Meeting will be hosted by Region 4, 8 at Tiruvannamalai.

10. District Conference will be in the month of October or November 2018.

11. It was decided to open bank account in the name Vasavi Clubs International District V502A and will be operated jointly by any two of Governor or Cabinet Treasurer or Cabinet Secretary.

Announcements by District Governor

Launching E-V502A – Website

Publishing Digital Directory – Vasavians

Publishing Mini Directory in OBTS

Points proposed and discussed in length with Cabinet Treasurer

12. It was decided Rs. 4000 as District Fee for the Clubs

13. It was decided Rs. 6000 as District Fee for Deputy Governor with Portfolio.

14. It was decided Rs. 5000 as District Fee for Region Deputy Governor.

15. It was decided Rs. 4500 as District Fee for all other District Delegates.

Points discussed in length and finalized by Cabinet Secretary
16. Form 1010 will be collected on or before 25th of November 17 thro’ DG Regions

17. It was unanimously decided to conduct a special training for DGs and ZCs in the month Nov 17.
18. Vote of Thanks by Oleti Sunil Cabinet Secretary – 2017 followed by National Anthem. The meeting concluded and dispersed for Lunch.

Delicious snacks were served to all the delegates in Tea Break and Feast Lunch was provided to all. Heart full thanks to our Governor Vn. Sujatha Ramesh Babu and First Gentleman Ramesh Babu for hosting the meeting. I should not forget to say thanks to House Maids for rendering services like Catering, Sound Service, and etc., finally to Master of Ceremony – Vn. S.Kiranmayie and Prayer song – All Vanithas

Vn. Silver Star KCGF Vallam Rajasekar

Chief Mentor – Vidya Yatra Project

Cabinet Secretary – 2018

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